Judy Aron is a musician born and rasied in northwest New Jersey. She grew up in a household very supportive of music and was encouraged to follow it for a career. She studied music education in college and got her Master's degree in Music Theory and Composition. She's been playing guitar and writing songs since she was in high school. At the same time, she got interested in home recording and learned how to record on her own using an old Tascam. Through the years she has upgraded her gear to where the entire recording process for herself and her bands are done at her home studio.

In 2000, Judy released her first official CD, “Curious Jude”. The CD was well received as a look into her innermost thoughts and feelings. Many consider it her most emotional work to date.  In 2003, she released the last thing on your mind. The CD was a marked departure from the folky and subdued nature of the first CD. Backed by a supporting band of guitarist Rob Ward, drummer Jonathan Ward, and bassist Justin Lee, the recordings were more electric and rocking than “Curious”. In 2007, Judy released “Call It What You Will”. Self-recorded and produced, it is a shining example of Judy’s evolution as a writer and singer. It is still catchy, still memorable and still full of meaningful lyrics.

The past few years have been busy ones.  In 2009 she met Steve Coleman while she was playing in a pub near his home.  “Met” in that he watched her play a song and then disappeared.  The following evening she received an email from him asking if she’d be interested in collaborating on some music, and Chasing June was born.  Chasing June has been a darling of the critics, appealing to their senses of musicianship and highly energetic shows.  In 2011, they released “Under the Slate Grey Sky”, which received play and high praise from many of the folk DJ’s throughout the country.  In 2012, The band recorded music for two Hollywood films – “Creature” and “For the Love of Money”.  Both movies were NOT critical darlings, yet they still gave Chasing June a chance to be heard.  

In 2011, Judy also formed a new band with long-time protégé Aly Berkowitz.  The band, Tastes Like Blue, started out as the duo playing cover songs for fun (and practice), but grew into something more.  Utilizing both girls’ writing skills, they put out 2012’s “The Worst Puzzle of them All” – A collection of both original and cover material. 

2014 brought new music - Chasing June put out their "Take Our Time" EP to much acclaim and in November, Judy finally released her 4th solo CD "Fly" - it contains 14 of the 22 songs written on her own while also writing for the other bands.  And, in July of 2015, she released "The Hitchhiker's Guide to My Life", a greatest hits CD with a twist: She re-recorded 14 of the songs that best typified her life and career - all acoustic, all new takes on her old songs.

In addition to writing tunes, Judy also composes music for her school’s concert bands, having written or arranged over 30 pieces for young musicians.  She takes pride in giving her musicians something challenging yet accessible, asserting that most band teachers underestimate what their children are capable of.   

The future offers many opportunities for Judy, so she’ll be all over the place.  Expect a new solo CD, a new Chasing June CD, another Taste Like Blue CD and hopefully a lot of shows.   Stop by and say hello!